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QUALITY is what makes us different as we use ONLY the finest quality ingredients that are gentle to all skin types.


At Ewence Bio-Tech Resources, our professional grade skincare products provide your customers with REAL results. Each product is carefully formulated so that each active ingredient works synergistically within the formulation; work perfectly to improve and enhance skin’s natural process of rejuvenation. Our high-quality lines of skincare products, which are age reversers naturally boost up skin performance and enable them to stay healthier.
Product Category - Cleanser & Toner
Cleanser & Toner
Product Category - UV & Sun Protection
UV & Sun Protection
Product Category - Primer & Foundation
Foundation & BB Cream
Product Category - Essence & Serum
Essence & Serum
Concentrate Ampoule
Product Category - Moisturiser Creams
Moisturiser Creams
Product Category - Day & Night Cream
Day & Night Cream
Product Category - Facial Mask Series
Facial Mask Series
Product Category - Body & Slimming
Body & Slimming Care
Product Category - Slimming & Supplement
Slimming & Supplement


STEP 1: Product & Market Advice
We provide insightful product and market advice and support to our clients based on their ideas and concept. This starts from selection of raw ingredients to forming a product formulation. Next, we shall proceed to the discussion on product packaging design, followed by a calculation of costing for a new product launch.

STEP 2: Product Sample Testing
Upon providing samples and receiving feedback from clients, we will do adjustment according to clients’ feedback until sample confirmation.

STEP 3: Product Packaging Design
Our in-house designers will design according to customer concept. Nonetheless, clients have every right to design the product packaging on their own.
STEP 4: Product & Regulatory Registration
Upon confirmation, our team will proceed to product registration with government authority. Application of certification, and further lab tests and product analysis are available upon client’s request.

STEP 5: Product Manufacturing
Upon approval by government authority, our team will proceed to production according to the prototype agreed by clients. Products will be manufactured within the given timeframe.

STEP 6: Product QC, Packaging & Delivery
After completed our quality assurance process, we will pack the product into boxes. In the final phase, we will deliver the finished product safely to client’s preferred address


Throughout our 18 years of experience in the skincare industry, our products have the answer to all types of skin problems, such as ageing, pigmentation, acne, sagging skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, exhausted skin and many more. At Ewence Bio-Tech Resources, we prefer to let the REAL results do the talking.

Anti Aging
Anti Aging
Oil / Acne
Oil / Acne
Eye Care
Eye Care
Skin Renew
Skin Renew
Sensitive Skin
Skin Sensitive
Suncare / Sun Protection
Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment Solution